Forum Title: Perplexed with Sheen!
Hello painter dudes. I was wondering if anyone can give a detailed explanation as to why (when touching up from the same can, same stuff, 1 day later, mixed well and sprayed) does sheen change? I was under the the impression that no matter how many coats you apply, the sheen stays the same. I've only had luck touching up lacquer but following through with buffing after the touch-up. I can't seem to get the same results from paint, specifically Kelly Moore Durpaoxy and also SW PC. Am I being to critical on my work? Thanks!
Category: Painter Post By: FRANCISCO HANSON (Thousand Oaks, CA), 07/05/2019

sheen drops as the coating cures and shrinks. More flattener is exposed at the surface because the coating is getting thinner. It should balance out eventually if there is only a days difference in cure time. I think. Maybe NACE will chime in with a more detailed answer. It COULD be because the paint isn't getting mixed adequately as well, but i would think that would be fairly obvious.

- KELLY BELL (Boulder, CO), 08/12/2019

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