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I'm painting a new home at the moment. I went in like i do on all new homes and primed ceilings and walls as usual, then i put 2 coats of finish on the ceilings. The issue i'm having is (i assume, bad drywall sanding) On every ceiling in the house except for small bathrooms and walk in closets, you can see the mud joints very well. So yesterday, i went ahead and ran 2 bedroom ceilings again along with the walls to see if it would go away, however, it didn't. You can see thick built up edges (all mudded areas and nail pops) (imo) and most joints plain as day. The builder text the drywall guys this morning and of course they said it was paint issue, which in 16 years, i've never seen anything this bad, and i can't afford to repaint 98% of the house out of my own pocket, (done 3 rooms again out of my pocket) Could it just be a bad sand job? Im trying to upload a few photos. IMO- prime and 2 coats of paint on ceilings, and prime, and 2/3 coats of Hi-hide on walls you shouldn't be able to see every single joint. What are you opinons and what should i do about it if the drywall company refuses to fix. I believe they need to float everything ceiling and wall in the house to make it look how it should, however i doubt they will eat the cost of painting it all again. Thank you!
Category: Painter Post By: ANNIE PERRY (Jonesboro, AR), 07/14/2019

That is too bad. At least you went the extra mile to try to correct the problem. If you did a good (even) job of priming and painting, then you will be able tell the builder that your paint was done correctly, and you put in extra effort. More paint will not fix it so this matter is in the builder's hands. He has to convince the drywallers to fix, and pay for repainting or file a lawsuit. Now, some drywall flashing issues are similiar to this and they may not be the drywaller's fault either. But if they didn't sand the mud enough it should be easy enough to prove, and show them. There's a chance they didn't put enough coats on too... but pics would help with sidelighting. Also what was your products, application methods, and timing?

- PATRICIA JOHNSON (La Habra, CA), 08/20/2019

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